Bright Green Futures

helping out doing foundations.JPGWouldn't it be great if all homes and neighbourhoods were designed by their future residents themselves rather than employees of large businesses who will never live there?


Bright Green Futures is here to change the way housing communities are built: to offer warmer, lighter, more beautiful and more sustainable homes. We bring proactive, solution focussed people together and support them in building their homes in a likeminded community. A large share of the developer's profit stays with you and therefore you can have all of this without paying more for your home.


Bright Green Futures provides opportunities to build your own home as part of a sustainable housing community.

js house.JPGBright Green Futures specialises in providing sustainable homes and building plots where you can build your own sustainable home. All homes are part of a community with significant sustainability features selected to both improve the quality of life of the resident and to reduce the impact of the development upon the planet.


Bright Green Futures also supports people globally who wish to build their own homes as part of a sustainable community. It is our aim to offer this opportunity to all people in the world and we put all our profits into driving this vision. Please access the free resources available on this web-site to get yourself started on your journey.


Anyone interested in living in a sustainable housing development, either through purchasing a completed home or building it themselves, please get in touch with us through the online enquiry form.


We will update you on our progress and offers, and use your input to design our communities to your needs and wishes.