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about BGF

About Bright Green Futures

In today’s world it is a moral imperative that we build communities where people can truly thrive and live in harmony with the planet.

Bright Green Futures exists to make this possible for all people in the world, starting in Bristol.

Our offering is not only what we need to do for the planet, but people are at the heart of what we do and queuing up to be our clients.

Would you like to live in beautiful homes that is designed just for you?  A home that costs little to keep warm, in a community of proactive, like-minded people who also want to live in a way that reflects your principles?

If this is of interest and you are considering living in a sustainable housing development, either through purchasing a completed home or building one yourself, please get in touch with us through the online enquiry form.

We will update you on our progress and offers, and use your input to design our communities to your needs and wishes.