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Sustainability Careers

Develop your career with Bright Green Futures

What makes us different

Bright Green Futures is a vision driven enterprise. Our vision is for all the world’s people to have the opportunity to create their own sustainable communities and live there in mutual support for the benefit of all. Everything we do is focused on achieving our vision and everyone who is passionate about contributing to our vision is invited to apply to work with us.

There are a number of essential foundations to our vision exemplified in the pyramid, where the top (the vision) can only be achieved with its foundations in place.

Social, Environmental and Financial Profit

Creating social, environmental and financial profits from our building projects are essential. We can only achieve our vision if our projects benefit the planet and people directly whilst ensuring our business has money to invest in the further expansion of our vision. We want all people in the world to be able to live in this way.

Our Workforce

This is the Bright Green Futures community, including all our clients, partners, everyone who works for and with our company and especially our employees. Bright Green Futures is here to support all employees and their families to live good, empowered and beneficial lives.

Working for Bright Green Futures means joining a true partnership, with a strong set of values, which you will be expected and empowered to share and help bring to life. That’s why we can’t afford compromise on the people we employ – open minded, high achieving and ready to go beyond the glass ceiling, who have the confidence, skill and outlook to perform well and play an active part in the collaborative culture and partnership.

Who we are looking for

Whatever your role, we are looking for people who:

  • Deliver service excellence to our clients and become highly trusted solution providers
  • Demonstrate professionalism and integrity at all times
  • Share the great passion we have for our vision and possess the drive and enthusiasm to make a difference
  • Look for continuous improvement and innovation to create added value
  • Take shared responsibility for the development of your capabilities and fulfilment of your potential and support your co-workers in this

What we offer

You can expect to be an integral part of a talented and passionate team of like-minded professionals in a trust-based environment, which is solution focused and free from bureaucracy and internal politics.

  • Involvement is promoted at all levels, and all voices are considered when we make decisions
  • We are committed to supporting everyone in developing their strengths, gifts and talents, offering early and significant responsibility to those who seek it, within a structured and supportive environment
  • We believe in rewarding partners fairly for their efforts and recognise the value of high performance and contribution

Internships and volunteering

We sometimes have internship and volunteer positions available.

Click here to find out more and submit your interest in an internship or volunteer position.