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Organisations We Like 


We are a member of NaCSBA. The organisation lobbies UK government to make self-build a volume housing solution. Through NaCSBA we are involved and kept up-to-date with the political environment that effects our company. All local authorities will be required to meet demand for Self-Build and the way this is measured is through how many people have registered on the local Self-Build registers. Therefore, the more people who register, the more support we will get from the local governments. It’s brilliant if you can participate: click here to register your interest on the Local Self Build Register.

Ecomotive is a non-profit, sustainable construction company aimed at supporting self-build and self-finished sustainable housing. Bright Green Futures and Ecomotive work in mutual support with each other and share similar visions and aims.

Ashley Vale Action Group

Ashley Vale Action Group is a community organisation which enabled an ecologically and socially sensitive development of a brown-field site in Bristol. The Ashley Vale development has served as a case study and pilot project for us. The Bright Green Futures concept evolved through drawing on the experience and lessons learned at the Ashley Vale development and other similar national and international projects.