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Bright Green Futures process

Bright Green Futures purchases land or enters partnership agreements with landowners and develops a masterplan for proposed sites. The masterplan contains a mixture of different sized homes and plots, as well as outstanding sustainability and community features.

Bright Green Futures sells three things:

  1. Building plots for building your own sustainable home plus support (self-build).
  2. Semi-completed homes together with support (self-finish)
  3. Homes bought off-plan with design input (custom build)

By doing this we help to create sustainable communities.

The support provided by Bright Green Futures includes:

  • Legal contracts specific to the site and the group.
  • Initial architectural advice.
  • A site-specific booklet which provides advice on general building, sustainable construction and how to find good local trade and building material suppliers.
  • Bulk purchase organisation and price negotiation where self-builders want to take advantage of reduced prices when buying larger quantities together.
  • One-to-one sessions to discuss your build with an experienced self-builder and sustainable construction expert.
  • Setting up of a community organisation, which will continue to support the smooth operation of the community once construction is completed.
  • Organisation and facilitation of a number of workshops for the group.

Bright Green Futures makes the dream of living in a modern sustainable community a reality. This is achieved by bringing together people who share the vision of living in a dream home as part of a dynamic and value-driven community.

Site visit for Self-Build, Self Finish, Community Build and Community Lead Housing with Bright Green futures

We aspire to overcome the sense of isolation and loneliness felt by many in today’s world. We make it easy for parents to bring up children by providing a safe place to play outside and a community in which to share childcare responsibilities. We support homes and communities, which are diverse and meet our needs throughout our lives.

We support you to fully or partly to build your home yourself by providing training and advice on sustainable construction methods, on contracts with trustworthy trade personnel and on managing the core aspect of your build. You are also deeply supported by a community of people sharing the same experience.

Our contracts and masterplans strike a balance which gives you direct flexibility in designing your dream home, as well as ensuring all homes are built to high sustainability and design standards, and that personal designs do not negatively impact upon the wider community.

We want to help you make your dream come true. Our homes are designed to meet the needs of the individual users, whilst being comfortable, safe, healthy to live in and costing very little to keep warm, as well as being built to withstand the impacts of future climate change. Our developments are places with a strong sense of community, a place to be proud of; a place in your heart.