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Beyond Net-Zero Carbon


We build homes for a bright green future.

The first UK home builder going beyond net-zero carbon.

Built to last for generations.

Design done differently.


The building industry is THE most polluting industry. Together, buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world. 28% are from energy used inside buildings and 11% embodied in the building materials and construction process throughout the building’s life cycle.

A giant that’s eating up the planet.

This needs to change.

‘Sustainable’ doesn’t cut it. Neither does net-zero carbon.

We need to reverse, and we need to do it now.



How we go beyond net-zero carbon

To become carbon negative, we first minimise the energy needed by homes and then generate what’s left with renewable energy on site. We also use natural building materials such as timber, which is carbon negative because the trees absorb carbon through photosynthesis and lock it in the timber.

Where we can’t use timber, we offset twice the carbon that is embodied in the building materials’ life cycle through investing in biodiversity projects. These allow our partner communities in developing countries to live off their forests and protect them.