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Bright Green Futures on the BBC

Interview: BGF’s Steffie speaks to BBC Radio Bristol

Bright Green Futures was proud to feature recently on BBC Radio Bristol. Towards the end of 2018, Founder, Steffie Broer, sat down to talk to Steve Yabsley about her personal journey and our upcoming eco self-build community project, Water Lilies.

Steffie shares how her education, career and research in eco building set the foundations for her to launch Bright Green Futures, sparked by the desire to make real change. From developing solar cookers in Spain, constructing local schools in Chile, to building and living in a self-build community in Bristol, Steffie now aims to shake up the UK housing market with Bright Green Futures’ pioneering model of delivery. In this interview, she tells her story and talks about BGF projects.

Please stream and enjoy!



  • What is Steffie’s background? [00:53]
  • Working for a sustainable energy consultancy for 8 years and volunteering on eco projects around the world have influenced Steffie’s trajectory. [03:46]
  • Solar energy has become much more efficient and cost-effective. [05:15]
  • Bright Green Futures took shape after Steffie joined a self-build community on a student salary – realising that this form of development could be a massive solution to climate change. [08:45]
  • How does the Bright Green Futures model work? How does it benefit the self-build customer? What do the communities look like? [10:10]
  • What are the benefits of living in a community? Does it still give you privacy? [12:37]
  • Where is Bright Green Futures’ upcoming eco self-build community, Water Lilies? What does it look like? What kind of people are getting involved? [13:30]
  • How do Bright Green Futures build homes and incorporate renewable technology to be carbon neutral? [15:07]
  • How can residents save money on bills and be comfortable in their home all year round? [15:35]
  • Should all homes be built with a focus on community and sustainability? [16:25]
  • What are the social and economic benefits of living in an eco self-build community? [17:14]
  • How can people get involved in Bright Green Futures’ projects? [18:04]