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Build A BGF Home

Our homes are built on a single vision – to empower, inspire and change peoples’ lives.

We’ll make your self-build adventure fun and rewarding. Together we’ll forge a thriving community in harmony with the planet.

Envision your future.
Create your dream home.
Live with purpose.

If you would like to join us and create your own bright green future, then please register to be informed when plots or homes become available.

Routes to a Bright Green Futures home

Bright Green Futures offers you the opportunity to design and build your own dream. There are three routes to create a Bright Green Futures home:

  1. Self-build – your plot includes advice & support, community facilitation and shared infrastructure.
  2. Self-finish – we build the shell for you and you fit it out to your specification and personalised design.
  3. Custom build – you purchase a completed home. You work with us to tailor your house to your needs and specification.
Celine and John's Kitchen and Dining Space Bright Green Futures Case Study

Our Commitment to You

We know that building a home is a huge decision so we’re on hand to support you throughout your journey. Our workshops, mentoring support and recommended contractors ensure your build journey will be far more easeful, safe and secure than a conventional self-build. We’ll help you identify potential pitfalls and avoid them. We are here to help you change your life!


Mortgage finance is readily available for self and custom builders and it can be selected to suit your circumstances as with traditional mortgages. We can put you in touch with independent mortgage brokers who are specialised in self and custom build finance and can advise you on your options and identify the best deal for you. You are of course welcome to choose any broker or advisor you would like.

Indi and Pete's Living Space View From The Side Bright Green Futures Case Study

Bright Green Futures' Offer

Joining a Bright Green Futures project means you get a lot more than just a building plot and home at the end. Our basic plot offer also includes:

  • Shared ownership of communal land and community features
  • Utility connections brought to your plot boundary
  • Workshops, group facilitation and mentoring
  • Helping you identify and avoid pitfalls before they occur
  • A smooth, fun journey shared with your future neighbours.

Tax Savings

With BGF there is one contract which includes the land on which your house will be built. For self-finish and custom build there is also a second contract to get the shell or house itself built – the “Build Out Agreement”. All three options (self-build, self-finish and custom build) could allow you to make a significant financial saving through the relevant stamp duty and community infrastructure tax treatment.

Indi and Pete's Kitchen Full View Bright Green Futures Case Study
Michelle Asher's Flat Living Space and Kitchen View From Corner Bright Green Futures Case Study

Construction Costs Savings

You will make further savings because we will teach you the “tricks of the trade”. Building in community reduces costs even further because you can purchase building materials in bulk, give each other tips and recommend good contractors to one another.

Peace of Mind

Your new home can come with a ten year structural warranty. This is an insurance policy protecting you from structural defects, providing peace of mind that your home has been built to a high standard.

We will also put you in touch with contractors we have previously worked with and who have done a great job. Furthermore, we will teach you how best to work with contractors.

Indi and Pete's Living Space Being Enjoyed Bright Green Futures Case Study
Indi and Pete's Living Space Personal Touch Bright Green Futures Case Study

Creating your Dream Home and Community

We will advise you how to build a healthy, light and mould-free home that costs little to heat and is naturally designed to be warm in winter and cool in summer, a home that benefits you and the planet alike, a home that is resilient to climate change, a place to bring up children, to work and retire in, a place to make your heart sing.

Next step: Come to a BGF Event

Before you decide to join a Bright Green Futures project we recommend that you come join one of our tours, workshops or coaching sessions. Come and meet us. Chat to us about your dream home, about what you want, what you love to do. We’ll help you to decide if self-build, self-finish or custom build is the best option for you. Speak to us about how you would love to build your home, whether you want to roll your sleeves up and get involved yourself, whether you’d like to be involved in the design, whether you’d be good at managing a self-build and how to find good contractors. Ask us anything. We are here to support you.

If this is of interest please register to join our next tour.


  1. Select your plot.
  2. Work with Bright Green Futures to tailor the design of your home.
  3. Build your home with support from us.



  • Greatest level of individual design choice.
  • Complete involvement in your build is possible: this ranges from doing it all yourself to employing a main contractor to build it for you and everything in between.
  • Highest level of cost reduction potential through managing your build and getting involved yourself.


  1. Select your plot.
  2. Work with Bright Green Futures to tailor the layout of your home to your needs.
  3. A recommended contractor builds the shell for you.
  4. You finish it yourself in exactly the way you want to.


  • Less responsibility than self-build.
  • Possible for terraced houses and flats.
  • Personalised design and layout possible.
  • Make it custom-build by asking the recommended contractor to build it all.