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Laura’s Flat at the Courtyard

Laura Bawn's Flat Kitchen Full View Bright Green Futures Case Study

Case Study Details

Address: 127d, Lower Cheltenham Place, The Courtyard

Description: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, open plan living room with high ceiling and large windows. Timber frame, super insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, render and timber cladding, high end finish, bespoke kitchen with solid worktop, solar PV panels and solar hot water panels, solid timber floors. Hand crafted bathroom sink unit, roof-lights so you can see the stars from bed and bath, community room shared with four other flats.

Involvement: main contractor

Internal floor space: 37m² GIA

Timing: Plot purchased in 2011, construction started in June 2012, moved in Jan 2014.

Total Costs: (plot, construction and services): £110k.

Valuation: Valuation immediately post construction: £165k, value now: £190k.

Laura Bawn Testimonial Bright Green Futures