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Design Journeys

Gemma and George design journey with Bright Green Futures

"Our design came around from prioritising what we felt is important now and in our future. With a range of sources for inspiration and research from Pinterest to Grand Designs, previous homes to chats with friends, we took our ideas and then spoke to the architects Sam and Dan about how to make that a reality..."

Gemma & George

Genevieve and James design journey with Bright Green Futures

"Personally I think that flexibility in the spaces was a really important factor for us both. We both work from home quite a lot and have realised that being able to adapt a space from working to living as our needs change is a key factor in the design of our home..."

Genevieve & James

Lorna and Hristo design journey with Bright Green Futures

"Our journey with Bright Green Futures has been a unique opportunity to design and build affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly community housing like no other housing project in Bristol to date. It has been an amazingly collaborative, inspiring and creative experience..."

Lorna & Hristo

Martha design journey with Bright Green Futures

"I absolutely loved having the precious and amazing opportunity to design my own home with my partner and the architects. It was a very simple and straightforward process as there is a few very simple guidelines we are working with – space, height and dimension..."