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Eco self-build community award-winning housing model in Bristol

Eco self-build community housing awards

Fantastic news for Bright Green Futures as it recently won two awards for its sustainable model of delivering eco self-build communities. Receiving acknowledgement and gaining publicity for the provider’s methods and accomplishments can help accelerate the movement towards eco self-build communities as a wide-scale type of housing delivery in the UK. Bright Green Futures’ upcoming and largest project to date, Water Lilies, exemplifies this approach.

‘Best Sustainable Housing Development Company – Bristol’ in SME News UK Enterprise Awards

Bright Green Futures was awarded the prize for driving sustainability in its housing developments and creating healthy, beautiful and high quality communities. This is the overarching vision that drives every aspect of the business. Eco self-build communities are a niche market. However, as the industry leader, Bright Green Futures aims for them to play a major role in UK housing provision.

Sustainable features shine through in The Courtyard, Bright Green Futures’ zero carbon co-housing scheme and Bristol’s first homes A-rated for energy efficiency. Now with Water Lilies, the upcoming self-build community project, Bright Green Futures aims to reach even higher standards of sustainability through the innovative scheme design and ambitions of the self-builders.

‘Best Eco-Aware Housing Community Initiative – South of England’ in BUILD Sustainable Building Awards

Bright Green Futures won the award specifically for its latest project, Water Lilies. The 33-home eco self-build community development has caught the eye for pioneering a new mode of large-scale housing delivery with a sustainability strategy that involves the self-builders from the outset. Created around a thriving community garden and hub, the high performance homes will be delivered through passive solar design, high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions whilst providing exquisite indoor environments, building resilience to future climate change, boosting local ecology and forging a healthy and happy community.