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Local Authorities

Services to Local Authorities

With the Right to Build legislation coming into force, local authorities now have a direct responsibility to create opportunities for self and custom build homes. This presents a huge opportunity: through aligning this policy with other policy requirements and aspirations of your local authority we can assist you in meeting your targets and aspirations in a way that is both cost-effective and delivers delight to your electorate.

We offer the following support:

  1. Feasibility studies: Assessing constraints and opportunities for meeting the Right to Build legislation, developing a strategy for implementation that is aligned with all your policy aspirations.
  2. Implementation: Provision of consultancy and training, to assist with the implementation of the developed strategy.
  3. Demand assessment: Advice on how best to assess the demand for self and custom build homes.
  4. Presentations: Present to the people in your local authority to let them know about the opportunity you wish to provide and to enthuse them.
  5. Training: For self-build groups or individuals looking to join a self or custom build community project.
  6. Provider: We can also be a provider for a sustainable community self-build project in your local authority.

For further detail please see our response to the Bristol Local Plan Review which explains the opportunity and possible policy solutions.