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Our Values

Our Values

Bright Green Futures is built on the values we share as a company, and we are looking for partnerships with individuals and organisations who share our values.


Be Humbly Confident

We are confident in both our model and creating a new and better way of housing. We remain open and consider all suggestions to keep evolving and refining what we do. We question ourselves and listen to what is needed.

Solution Focus

We focus on solutions and commit to bringing benefit and empowerment with everything we do, continuously evolving solutions that support people and planet.

Maximising Benefit and Empowerment

We choose to focus our energy and resources where we can bring the most benefit and empowerment, continuously focusing on our own growth too.

Help First

We are always here to help and will give what we can. It is our ambition that everyone who deals with us, whether client, contractor, project partner, or staff member, benefits from working with us and is in a better position as a result than they would be had they never encountered us.

Do The Right Thing

We are driven by our ethics and that is why we exist. We will always do what we see is of most benefit to all and this is a commitment each staff member at Bright Green Futures makes and is a requirement of the job.

Do What We Say

Whilst we are continuously evolving, we commit to seeing through what we say so that you can rely on us.

100% Honesty

We believe in transparency at all levels – transparency between staff with our stakeholders and customers. To us, this means we have no hidden agendas and are committed to providing information and clarity in our communication to allow for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision-making.