Ecological Land Cooperative

The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) is a pioneering social enterprise supporting rural regeneration by developing affordable sites for farming, forestry and other rural businesses which are financially viable and socially and ecologically beneficial. ELC sites typically feature self-built homes in communities 100% powered by on-site renewables where water and waste are also managed on-site.

Bright Green Futures’ Director, Larch Maxey was a Director of the ELC from 2009-2014 and its Chair from 2012-2014.

Buildings: 3 smallholding plots occupied at Greenham Reach, 3 pending planning permission at Arlington.

Location: ELC operates across England and Wales; the first two sites are in Mid-Devon and Wealden respectively.

Main Features: Each home is designed and built by their owners using affordable, low impact and highly sustainable designs and materials. The ELC typically provides a shared, locally sourced timber framed and clad barn for each site, complete with solar panels and rainwater harvesting. Sites generate surplus food and other products for local sale and much of their own food, as well as offering regular educational, work and open days and school vistis.

Awards: The ELC’s first site won widespread support, including being featured as a CPRE case study, delivering diversity, sustainability and resilience.