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Self-Build Coaching

Spend a day with Steffie or Caroline!

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We offer coaching workshops to enthusiastic, solution-focussed groups which have already formed and ready to start a project and discover how to achieve their dreams. This session can also be adapted to individuals or small groups looking to start a self-build project. We can use our expertise and inspirational setting to help you or your group develop and deliver its vision. We normally run these workshops on a Sat/Sun starting at 11am and finishing at 5pm, sharing lunch in a local cafe that was also built by the community. Each participant is invited to bring questions and challenges to the workshop and is facilitated to find an answer. Bright Green Futures will coach the session and provide specific advice based on their expertise. This workshop will help you to explore a problem that you are facing in the area of building a sustainable community, home and/or organisation, and find practical solutions using the knowledge and skills of a small group of people who share the same passion.


The workshop will encourage you to:

  • Get clearer on what you want from life and how doing a self-build in an eco-community might contribute to this.
  • Develop a deeper understanding if what is involved to make it happen and the different paths you can take.
  • Apply that learning to create an action plan.

Being part of the group offers you:

  • To hear each others’ visions and clarify what could work for you as a group
  • Support and challenge from peers
  • A chance to find creative ways to bring about change
  • A chance to test beliefs and assumptions and learn what works
  • A safe environment to explore new ways of thinking and doing
  • Personal, as well as professional, learning and development
  • Insight into how others achieve different solutions
  • A chance to progress new opportunities and develop new ideas
  • Specific advice from Bright Green Futures staff who are experts in the fields and have been there
  • Leaving with a specific action plan for implementing your newly found solutions.

Cost Benefits

£75 individuals

£45 concession

£450 groups

  • Spend time with and learn from a world leading expert about how to set-up an eco-self-build community
  • Define a clear vision and framework for your project
  • Address challenges
  • Find solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable
  • Identify opportunities
  • Understand pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Get clearer on what you want
  • Understand what next steps will get you closer to your dream
  • Personalised advice from sustainability, self-build and co-housing experts that may save you lots of time and might save you thousands of pounds in avoided problems
  • A great day together!

"Many thanks for the great time on Sunday and the guidance you gave as well as the lovely tour of your work! Arthur and Joanne are very impressed/inspired and we will keep you posted on this project going forward for further help. Many Thanks, Pravin"

Pravin Vijay, London