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Water Lilies: Key Info & Material

Welcome prospective self-builders! If you’ve missed any information or just need a recap, here you can access all the material we’ve covered since our first event.

House brochure

Design and fit out your ideal home in this pioneering community development

House pricing

A breakdown of costs

Apartment brochure

Create your ideal home in this pioneering community development.

Apartment pricing

'Water Lilies: Introduction' Brochure

An introduction to the project, essential upcoming events with us and our sustainability proposal.

'Water Lilies: Design & Dream' Brochure

Discover the site, envision your home and find out how it all works.

'Water Lilies: Live' Brochure

Meet fellow self-builders, take a look at the hub, and get to grips with timings and finance.

'Water Lilies: Plot, Shell & Fit-Out Costs' Brochure

A breakdown of costs and what’s included in our offer.

Red Book Valuation Report on Houses and Flats

A valuation report on the end values on houses and flats, prepared in accordance with the RICS Global Standards 2017.

Comparable Projects

See how Water Lilies compares to similar projects in the UK.

Event 2 Presentation

Our Event 2 presentation at Kings Weston House covering the site, its design and plot choices, visioning exercises and the big picture timings.

Workshop: Route to Living Your Dream

To do this workshop and bring clarity to your vision, start with “Where you want to be”, then think about “Where you are now” and finally “How to get there”.

Workshop: What's it Worth to You?

How would you prioritise certain characteristics of Water Lilies in terms of their value to you?

Design Your Plot

Choose the plots you’re interested in, print the blank layouts and play around with initial design ideas. You can use the example layouts in the second brochure, Water Lilies: Design & Dream, for inspiration and direction.